a flame in my heart
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Well hi. I'm Bree. I'm nineteen and I should really be in New York City right now. Or London. Or Narnia. Or in your dreams. I've got a boyfriend, maybe you've heard of him?

{just a rp}

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But I feel bad for not getting to thank her really. We’re super busy. 

Its okay. I like watching you. It just means you owe me.


Don’t thank me for telling the truth.

I’m thanking you for being so nice.


You’re beautiful when you blush. 

Well don’t say that! I’ll look like a tomato at this rate!


I only have eyes for you, love.

Aw, babe. I’m blushin’.


My hair is a chick magnet.

Who said you were into older ladies? Clearly it’s the young ones I’ve gotta look out for…


I love you.

You’re a dork. I love you too.

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