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Well hi. I'm Bree. I'm nineteen and I should really be in New York City right now. Or London. Or Narnia. Or in your dreams. I've got a boyfriend, maybe you've heard of him?

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"He’s probably just mad that he was moved in the first place." Finley held his little arms out for Harry, kicking his legs slightly. "Here. I’ll take him. He can hang out with us, can’t you, Finn?" As soon as Finley was with Harry again, he clung to his daddy like a little koala. Harry ate up the attention as much as he could since Finn’s need to be with him at all times might come to an end. Children were just precarious like that until they were old enough to want and love both parents. Still, Bree was going to have two mama’s boys on her hands when it came down to it. Lucas already clung to her like a dryer sheet to a towel. 

He felt Finley’s head tap his shoulder, and he knew the little boy was out. The kettle started to whine and Harry winced, but the kid didn’t make any noise. “I made enough for the both of us,” he told Bree with a smile. She loved tea too so he figured why not. Having gotten good at doing everything with a kid attached to him, he grabbed two mugs from the cabinet. He poured the hot water into both before plopping a tea bag in each. He handed one to Bree and nodded over towards the little table in the kitchen. They had a formal dining room, but they usually ate in the little breakfast nook. The table was just big enough for Bree, Lucas, and  himself to eat at. There would be room for Finley once he got a little older. Until then, his high chair normally set right between Bree and him. 

Sitting at the table, he adjusted Finley so they could both be comfortable. He waited for Bree to join him, knowing that she probably wanted to go back to work. But he liked having little moments like that with her. Little moments where they could have tea and just enjoy each other’s company. After years of not really getting to have them, they were what he liked the most about the band splitting. Not that he didn’t miss the boys or miss performing. He just liked being able to spend time with his family as much as he could. That was part of why he wanted to move back home. He’d missed his mum, step-dad, and sister. And he wanted to go some place quiet that hardly ever changed. He wanted his kids to have a childhood much like his. 

Bree grabbed the mug from Harry and held his as well, bringing it over to the table and setting it down in front of him. Bree really did love how clingy Finley was to Harry. He just was. He liked to cuddle, and while Lucas was usually bugging Bree and telling her about something, Finley turned to Harry. She’d watch as Finley watched his dad do stuff, like make a phone call or play a few notes on the keyboard. Finley liked to watch, and it was pretty cute that he was so fascinated by his father.

Bree took a sip of her tea and smiled at Finley, who was already asleep again. “I don’t see why he doesn’t just do that in his own bed,” Bree replied softly, bringing a hand to the boy’s back. She ran her fingers down his back gently and patted him. She had work to do. She had stuff to revise and scripts and other pieces to work on, but she’d always make time to hang out with her boys. She never thought she’d have a house full of boys, especially always being in a house full of girls. Maybe this made up for that.

"I remember when he used to cry whenever you held him. How the tables have turned." Bree smirked at Harry and took another sip of tea. It was true. Finley, for some unknown reason, was never happy in his father’s arms when he was a little baby. He’d just cry but now it was so different. Finley barely left the man alone. “Luke’s very imaginative, did you know that?” Bree asked, setting her mug down and smiling. “Your sister called earlier today. They talked for a good twenty minutes.”

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Harry bounced Lucas a little. “Hey, bud. I bet if you take your nap, mummy will give you an extra scoop of ice cream.” Luckily, Lucas was not old enough to know what a full scoop of ice cream was. If he had been, he probably would have felt jipped by that particular bribe. His “extra scoop” would end up being no bigger than an extra bite of ice cream. It seemed the prospect of more ice cream was all he needed to hear because soon Lucas was squirming and announcing he was ready for his nap. Harry laughed as he lowered Lucas into his arms. Then he leaned in. “You have to be extra quiet when we go upstairs, though. Finn’s sleeping and you can’t make a lot of noise.

Lucas nodded and put a tiny finger over his mouth. “Mum, you wanna do the honors?” Harry held the toddler out to Bree before kissing her cheek. “I think I might make us some tea. See if I can’t shake off my own sleepiness.” He yawned, and after handing Lucas over to Bree, he did just as he said. Going into the kitchen, he put the kettle on the stove. He was in some serious need for caffeine, but having never really liked coffee, he would have to get it elsewhere. Tea was good enough as far as he was concerned. Not nearly as strong as coffee, but he didn’t need to be hyper well into the night.

Closing his eyes, he leaned against the counter and waited. Bree was better at getting Lucas to nap. Normally, Harry just made it worse because he gave in. She was at least a little more strict when it came to nap time and bath time. Harry wanted to be the fun dad most of the time, but he did know when he needed to put his foot down. Although, he felt like such a dick when he put Lucas in time out for the first time. Those huge green eyes that he got from Bree bore into him without understanding what he’d done wrong, and Harry nearly broke down and gave him a treat instead of staying steadfast with the time out thing.

Bree picked up Lucas and placed a quick kiss to his temple while resting the boy on her hip. She bounced him a bit and walked up the stairs quietly. She silently prayed that Finley was asleep as she tiptoed into Lucas’ room. Their rooms were right next to each other, so if one started crying in the middle of the night or in the middle of a nap, the other wouldn’t sleep. It was a pain but she figured once Finley was old enough, the boys would eventually share a room. Especially if Bree and Harry decided to aim for getting themselves a daughter.

So far, the odds obviously weren’t in their favor.

Bree tucked Lucas into his bed and shut the door behind him, and she bit her tongue as she heard little whimpers from the other room. She peered inside and saw Finley, gripping the bars of his crib and standing up. He looked sad. Heartbreakingly sad. Bree let out a small groan and stepped inside, flicking the light on and walking to the crib. “Why are you up, little man? Can’t sleep?” Bree looked down at Finley, who just looked back up at her with glassy green eyes and teensy little curls on his head.

"Alright, c’mon…" Bree picked up the one year old and ran her fingers through the back of his hair soothingly, then walked downstairs. She smiled at Harry almost apologetically and patted Finley’s back. "Someone was awake and not having it with nap time," she stated. She turned herself so Finley could look at Harry. "Go ahead, tell Daddy how you’re a stink that doesn’t sleep when he’s supposed to!" Bree laughed and looked up at Harry. "Only when you sleep. It’s strange as hell."

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His ears were finely tuned to whatever little noises his children made. He could be working on a new song for someone, headphones over his ears with the volume up all the way, and he would hear any sigh or loud squawk his two kids made. Currently, he was being awoken by the not-so-subtle musing of his eldest and the whine of his youngest. Green eyes opened, blinking away the bleariness from napping. Above him was his wife with a bemused expression on her face and closer was Lucas stared down at him. “We were,” his voice croaked as he brought his hands up to hold Finley to his chest and sat up. 

Harry gave a lazy yawn as he looked around. “I take it we weren’t out long.” He glanced at the clock on the wall. Only fifteen minutes, which meant Finley would still be fussy from the late nap he was getting. Finley clung to Harry, still whining as he rubbed his face against his dad’s shoulder. Harry smiled over at Bree as he stood. “I think we might want to put him in his room.” Kissing her as he passed, he headed towards the stairs. If he were being honest, he didn’t miss his old flat all that much. Being back in Holmes Chapel was just fine by him. After all of the touring and spending more time away from home than anything, he was happy to have life just slow down a bit. 

Finley was already asleep by the time Harry got to the top of the stairs. At least they had one kid that liked their naps. As grumpy as they made Lucas, sometimes it was hard to get him to even consider taking a nap. He had so much energy that it never seemed to stop. He wasn’t a bad kid by any means. But, he was a busy kid. Always getting into this or that simply out of curiosity. He was discovering the world. Who could blame him for that. After setting Finley in his bed and pulling his blanket up mid-back, Harry tiptoed out of the room and back down to the main level of their home. He picked Lucas up and sat the boy on his shoulders. “Lucas says he demands ice cream,” he told Bree with a grin. 

Bree watched as Harry brought Finley upstairs and she absently played with a bit of Lucas’ hair. The two boys were very different. Lucas was curious, 24/7, always wanting to do something whereas Finley liked sleeping and being cuddled and he was cranky a lot of the time. He was still a bit young for Lucas to play around with, so most of the time the little blonde boy bugged his parents or the dog. Finley was sweet, though. A lovable little guy when he was in a good mood. And good lord, he looked exactly like Harry.

She looked up as Harry picked up Lucas and placed him on his shoulders. “Is that so?” She responded, arching an eyebrow and looking up at the boy. He only giggled and hid his face in his father’s hair. “Well does Lucas know it’s like, four in the afternoon and it’s a bit early for ice cream?” She asked, reaching up and tickling his side. It sent the boy into a fit of laughter and Bree smiled, letting her hand fall to her side.

Lucas looked down at Harry and gave his head a hug. Bree walked behind him and picked him up off of Harry’s shoulders, then sat him on the counter in the kitchen. “Shouldn’t you be sleeping too? Just like your brother?” Lucas of course, shook his head violently in response. “You sure?" Bree asked again with a smile. He shook his head again. "What’s daddy think, hm?" Bree turned to face Harry, sliding an arm around his side. "I say put the brat to sleep," she teased. Lucas kicked his feet and giggled, yelling out a long "Noooo!" in response. Bree turned to him and held a finger up to her lips. “Don’t wake Finn up, kiddo.”

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"Mum." She heard the little voice come from behind her. "Mummy." Bree turned in her swivel chair at her desk to face Lucas, who was tugging on her sleeve. She smiled at the little blonde boy. “What’s up, kiddo?” She asked softly, leaning on her knees with her elbows to get level with the three-year-old. "Daddy fell asleep." Bree arched an eyebrow at him. "Daddy fell asleep with- with Finley on the couch." Lucas did this thing where he liked informing Bree of what his dad was doing. He liked pointing out the obvious but it was sweet, really. Lucas had a thick accent, sounding much like the people that lived in the area of Holmes Chapel. To be quite honest, she loved hearing the little boy talk. He didn’t do it too often.

"He’s asleep?” Bree asked rather dramatically. She smiled and stood, patting Lucas’ back. “Show me where.” Lucas ran through the hallway and down a few steps to get to the living room. He turned around once he reached the entrance and looked up at Bree. "See?" he pointed out. Low and behold, Harry was passed out on the couch with their one-year-old Finley sleeping on his chest. Bree pressed her lips together to stop herself from laughing at the sight.

"See, mum? They’re sleeping," Lucas stated. He really didn’t know the concept of whispering, so of course it caused Finley to stir. And then whine because he was a cranky little guy when he didn’t sleep through his naps. Bree hushed Lucas and watched as Harry woke up, inevitably, and Finley did the same. “Hi there,” Bree greeted them, letting out a laugh. “You two looked comfy.”


Yeah. I don’t think my hand can take much more. Neither can our shoes. 

Your hand is a great chew toy. Don’t sell yourself short.


Karma and a teething puppy.

Maybe she needs a chewing toy. Besides her towel.


Bea chewed a pair of Bree’s sandals. 

I really liked those, too… I’m sad.


I would hold your hand and buy you gelato after.

Will you just buy me gelato…?

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They do, but you won’t like it.

Well fine. No tattoos for me.

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